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Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Humondo


We use a fine needle, thinner than a hair for acupuncture.  Although it is acupuncture, it is used just for rubbing on the skin. We also use a moxa stick ‘Bo Moxa’  for warming up certain parts of your skin, keeping it about 2cm away from your skin so that the heat will comfortably warm the necessary parts.  The stimulation is gentle, but very effective for many symptoms.  How can a mild rubbing and heat make such a result ?  The answer is in where we place the special stick ‘Kyojitu-hanbetu-bo’*.  We use it to search for areas of body where there is less energy or the energy is clogged, and find exact spots to add or remove energy.  It is all depends on the person, the environment, his/her life stage, etc. The treatment is just like adjusting guitar strings.  If the string is too loose, we warm it up with Moxa to firm; if a string is too tight, we use the fine needle to soften, so that the guitar strings are all balanced and produce beautiful sound.    The treatment is order-made thus it takes about 60-90 minutes, which you may find longer than a traditional treatment in a regular clinic, but we receive very positive feedback from patients.



*This stick   ‘Kyojitu-hanbetu-bo’is invented by Masatsune Oishi, the Head Director of Humondo Clinic and it is patented. 


Note:  We are able to find out the meridian flow to balance your body with the pulse diagnosis using  ‘Kyojitu-hanbetu-bo’, which are complete different from traditional medical diagnosis.  We recommend you to have medical check-ups in a hospital before you visit us.

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